Hatch grown green chile is what we're famous for, but it's not all we do.

Since 1951, we have manufactured, prepared, and distributed a line of authentic, gourmet-quality food products. We take great pride in preserving our cultural heritage through the products we produce and have remained true to tradition since our inception. As we translate traditional family recipes into commercial production, authenticity is our overarching goal to achieve premium quality and homemade taste.

Chile is our specialty and no one knows it like Bueno Foods. We were the first to flame roast and freeze green chile on a commercial scale. There was no equipment for this kind of process, so we had to build it. There was no process, so we had to invent it. For over six decades, chile has been our heritage -- our pride and joy. And even though there have been many imitators since, Bueno Foods remains the industry leader in innovation and quality. In addition to New Mexico flame roasted fresh frozen green chile, our products include red chile, flour and corn tortillas, salsas and sauces, ready-to-serve prepared products, and a line of natural and organic products.