Over seven decades ago, we began rolling flour tortillas by hand on a piecrust roller. As the first company to have flour tortillas on the retail shelf in the New Mexico market based on the recipe by Grandma Filomena (the founders’ mother), we continue to make a hearty, authentic, homemade-like tortilla with the flavor, aroma and burn pattern of a traditional tortilla– just like Grandma made them.

A package of Grandma's Skinny Minis Flour Tortillas

Grandma's® Tortillas - Skinny Minis® 100 Calorie

The Skinny Mini has only 100 calories. Og trans fat and 0mg cholesterol per serving. Authentic, delicious and low cal! 6 inches. 12 count.

A 10 count package of Grandma's Flour Tortillas

Grandma's® Tortillas - Original

The local favorite of New Mexicans. Authentic, hearty tortillas based on the essence of our Grandma Filomena’s original recipe. Looks, smells and tastes homemade. No vinegary preservative smell like other tortillas. Made right here in New Mexico. And now even softer. 10 count and 24 count.

A package of 10 count 10 inch Grandma's Flour Tortillas

Grandma's® Tortillas - Grande

Unparalleled pliability perfect for rolling around your choice of burrito fillings without any cracking or crumbling. 10 inches. 10 count.

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"Every single time I do my grocery shopping, I buy your flour tortillas, both frozen red and green chile as well your tamales. I have tried other brands but I haven't found anything comparable in quality to your products. Thank you for making my cooking better."

Maksim K.