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Since 1951, we have manufactured, prepared, and distributed a line of authentic, gourmet-quality food products. We take great pride in preserving our cultural heritage through the products we produce and have remained true to tradition since our inception. As we translate traditional family recipes into commercial production, authenticity is our overarching goal to achieve premium quality and homemade taste.

Chile is our specialty and no one knows it like Bueno Foods. We were the first to flame roast and freeze green chile on a commercial scale. There was no equipment for this kind of process, so we had to build it. There was no process, so we had to invent it. For over six decades, chile has been our heritage -- our pride and joy. And even though there have been many imitators since, Bueno Foods remains the industry leader in innovation and quality.

In addition to New Mexico flame roasted fresh frozen green chile, our products include red chile, flour and corn tortillas, salsas and sauces, ready-to-serve prepared products, and a line of natural and organic products sold under our BUENATURAL® label. Here’s a little more about each product line.


Green Chile

New Mexico grown guaranteed chile, harvested fresh, flame roasted, peeled, diced, packaged and flash frozen to lock in the chile’s natural flavor and nutrients -- all within 24 hours of harvest! 100% green chile: no citric acid, no preservatives, no additives. Pure New Mexico goodness grown by New Mexican farmers and produced by a New Mexican family.

Red Chile

The taste of the Southwest begins with Red Chile: puree, powder, or pods. Your favorite red chile sauce is as easy as adding water, making a roux, and adding spices. It's BUENO® pure and simple -- no additives, preservatives, MSG, or salt.

Flour Tortillas

Six decades ago, we were the first to have flour tortillas on the retail shelf in the New Mexico market. That experience has brought us to where we are today: our tortillas have a hearty, authentic homemade flavor, aroma and burn pattern -- just like Grandma made them.  Everyone will think they're from your own kitchen!  Try our newest: Grandma’s 100 Calorie, Traditional (made with the traditional lard), Grande, and Sonora.

Corn Tortillas

Our corn tortillas start with premium whole kernel corn, cooked and steeped slowly over half a day for maximum full-bodied, true corn flavor and authentic texture. We are one of the few manufacturers in the U.S. who still stone grind our corn the old fashioned way.


The finest New Mexican salsas and sauces made from hand selected New Mexican green chile pods (not jalapeño), flame roasted for a natural robust flavor and blended with other premium ingredients. 

Prepared Products

Since 1951, we have been preparing authentic, traditional Southwestern favorites from scratch based on Baca family recipes. Each product is handmade in small batches with only the finest, carefully-selected ingredients culled from hundreds of choices. Your choice: tamales, enchiladas, red and green chile sauces, and stews.

Natural & Organic

Our BUENATURAL® product line includes organic whole wheat and regular wheat, corn, and blue corn tortillas, all natural vegetarian tamales, and all natural stews made with free-range chicken and organic posole. No preservatives or additives.

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